Smite The Ite That Holds You Tight

March 6, 2015

Smite The Ite

  • Commission (1 Samuel 15:3)

    • The Lord commissioned King Saul to utterly destroy ALL of the Amalekites, including women, children, and beast.

    • Instead, what did King Saul do?

    • RELATE TO ME:  The Lord has commissioned us to “teach all nations, baptizing them…teaching them to observe…what I have commanded of you.”  The Lord has commanded us to a.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, might, strength AND b.  Love your neighbor as you love yourselves.  When we let love guide our lives, we will see the evidence of his purchase in our lives…the fruit of the spirit.  He has commissioned us to purge sin from our lives.  If we don’t, the evidence of our disobedience is the works of the flesh.


  • Obedience in his own sight

    • King Saul saved King Agag alive.  Not only did this oppose God’s command, but according to history and tradition, captive Kings were granted special privileges (choicest food, time with concubines, etc).  They were still treated like royalty.

    • Also, he spared the best sheep, oxen, lambs, and all that was good (or valuable)

    • He destroyed everything vile or without value in his eyes

NOTE:      Everything that belonged to the Amalekites was vile in the Lord’s eyes.

NOTE:      King Saul again usurped the Lord’s authority and acted as judge.  Recall, King Saul acted in disobedience as priest when he offered burnt offerings in 1 Samuel 13: 8-14 (in this area, Saul did not learn to wait upon the Lord)  He was making a habit of doing things his own way.

  • RELATE TO ME:  Often we are willing to lay down certain sin, but not others.  The real reason is that we are not fully “sold out” to the Lord.  We want to keep one foot in and one foot out.  We’re willing to come to church on Sunday, but don’t fully worship in spirit and in truth.  We’re just going through the motions.


  • Excuses, and Vain Repentence

  • Like Adam, Saul began to make excuses when light was shed upon his disobedience.

    • Excuse 1:  He blamed the people, “I feared the people.”  How often do we do this in our own lives? 

    • Excuse 2:  He spared the choicest spoil to offer as sacrifice.  Remember what Samuel said “Obedience is greater than sacrifice.”

  • After he was reprimanded by Samuel, he offered vain repentance.

    • He repented before Samuel (lip service), however, once he was again rejected by Samuel, his heart began to speak:  “I have sinned”, “yet honor me now…before the elders and before Isreal.”  He was more concerned about what the people thought than what God thought.  He wanted to be exalted before the people.  Big mistake!!!

  • RELATE TO ME:  What is your excuse for not fully following the Lord?  “I’m not ready to give up this or that.”  “I don’t have time.”  “The Lord knows where I am”  Are you afraid of what people will think of you?  Are you concerned that you’ll have no friends?  Often we try to do good in our own eyes.  We start going to church, and paying tithe.  We even make a dish or two for the church dinner.  Yes, we’re doing good now.  We repent with our mouths (because we know what sin is), but our hearts obviously doesn’t get the memo (we don’t take it to the next level – surrender).  We say we love the Lord, but our hearts are far from him.  How can you love the Lord if you never spend time with him?  Would your husband, wife, parents, or children think you loved them if you never spoke to them, never told them you loved them, never spent an afternoon playing and laughing?  Saul gave up his relationship with the Lord to instead have a relationship with the world.  We need to set our minds on things eternal.  “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away”  Mt 24:35.


  • Consequence of Sin

  • The beginning of the end…

    • Because Saul did not hearken unto the Lord, he was forever stripped from his position.  Even though he physically remained in the “position” til his death, the Lord stopped seeing him as King immediately.  “The Lord hath rent the kingdom of Isreal from thee this day and hath given it to a neighbor of thine that is better than thou.” 

  • Not only did Saul lose his kingdom, and continue to his downward spiral, but also he was forced to see his replacement excel in all the ways that he did not. Saul was plagued with the praises of David by his kingdom.  David had earned great respect from all of Isreal, because he was absolutely amazing and excelled at every military task given him.  Not only that, but he also excelled in his worship to the Lord.  He had access to God…Saul never had access again.

  • If you read the life of King Saul, it is truly unfortunate how his disobedience led to his demise.  Because he didn’t obey, he let pride, envy, jealousy rule his life and every action he made.  He became an enemy of the Lord, and because David had the favor of the Lord, an enemy to David.

  • RELATE TO ME:  The consequences of sin and disobedience are death, spiritually and physically.  When we are not willing to follow God and keep his commandments, he will choose those that will.  We will be forced to watch others excel in positions that should have been ours.  Often, this contempt breeds jealousy and hatred, but for what purpose? Weren’t we unwilling to do the will of the Father?  How are we to walk?  Read Ephesians 5:1-21.

  • Road to recovery:  Smiting the Ites

    • If you’ve found yourself traveling down this familiar road, luckily you are at a crossroad.  You can make the single most important decision of your life by getting off of the road most traveled, and getting on the Lord’s road. 

    • Steps:

                          i.      Confess your sin.  This act of submission will smite those –ites that have held you captive and have had dominion over you.

                          ii.      Accept forgiveness.  In humbleness, see the Lord wiping the slate clean.  See yourself as small and moldable in the Lord’s hand.  (It’s when we see ourselves high and lifted up that we have a problem.)  Now that your house is clean, you must fill it with the Lord or else the sin will find its way back and will be even more consuming than before.  Mt 12:43-45.

                         iii.      Become rooted in the Lord’s vineyard.

                         iv.      Allow him to prune away sin continually so that you will bear much fruit.  If he says to stay away from something, EVEN IF IT DOESN’T SEEM SINFUL TO YOU, lay it down.  Remember, he knows what will happen if you let the ite live in your life.


v.      In a vineyard, there are many plants.  Find communion in these like plants.  Find companionship and fellowship with those that are actively seeking the Lord and all things pleasing to him.

NOTE:      It is my desire that you will, not only learn about the Lord with this bible study, but that you will also develop lasting relationships with those around you truly striving to serve the Lord.

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