Our congregation maintains no ties to any denominational group. Our goal is simply to do our best to follow the New Testament guidelines for a local church. While we embrace the doctrines and beliefs of many well known denominations we do not place any guidelines, minutes, constitution, bylaws or other forms of church polity or government above the Bible.


When looking for information about a church people often attempt to identify elements of denominations they already have some familiarity with. We would fall into the category of a Pentecostal church.  Our services are old-time not old fashioned. We enjoy casual dress, modern media applications and up to date music without sacrificing the atmosphere of old time revival meetings. We are a Holy Ghost hospital where the spiritually and physically sick are healed.


We still believe in the gifts and moving of the Holy Ghost, praying for the sick, anointing with oil and expecting miracles to happen. God is still the same today as He was when we read about Him in the Bible. Our members enjoy the freedom to follow the Holy Spirit's leading in our gatherings. We often partner with other local churches for camps, retreats and special meetings.

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Marcus Severance



Brother Marcus started in ministry in his local church by assisting his pastor both in the church and later on the road as they traveled and conducted meetings in various locations across the country. He also attended Oral Roberts University and has been our pastor since 1995. He and his wife Jamie have two boys. He's open to whatever God wants to do and that is reflected in the energetic active style of preaching he brings to the pulpit. His relationship with God is clear. He makes it evident God is alive, real and interactive with His people. He makes it easy to see and understand how God is an everyday part of every action of life and how the Lord wants His people to cultivate a hand in hand relationship with Him. While his preaching is easy to understand the depth of revelation in what the Holy Spirit reveals through him is sufficient to interest the scholar. Pastor Marcus represents an everyday man called of and empowered by God to pastor. He is always accessible and interacting with others. His door is truly open to anyone.


Josh not only serves as assistant pastor but often ministers to the young people. He preaches and sings with the praise team. He has proved to be active in all the aspects of the congregation with specific emphasis on the youth. Josh is a "local boy" known in the community and presents a positive witness for Christ whether in the work place, hunting, fishing or in the grocery store. He does his best to lead the youth by his example.

Josh Shedd

Asst. Pastor

Board Vice President

Transformed from alcoholic to youth pastor Gillis shares a powerful testimony which has been reflected in both the growth of our youth department and the strength of the adult Sunday School. As youth pastor he provides teaching the young people relate to and activities they love. He brings the maturity of 18 years experience as a youth minister into the classroom while maintaining youthful exuberance and excitement.  In his role as teacher for the adult Sunday School he opens the quarterly publication and brings the lessons to life. His down-to-earth style makes the subject matter easy to understand without being so overly simplified that it becomes dry and boring. He lives in the Greenback/Maryville area, is an avid hunter and fisherman in addition to owning his own business. His hobbies, business and background provide a vast amount of experiences from which to draw comparisons and illustrations for his lessons. In addition he drives the church bus an also has been called upon to preach for us on several occasions.

Gillis Jackson

Youth Pastor / Adult Sunday School Teacher

Christian dedicated her life to Christ at the tender age of 4. She knows first hand God can call a person at a young age. She grew up learning the Word of God and received a calling to teach at the age of 16. She also started singing at a young age and presently sings solo and with the church's praise team.


Although she is listed here as the Sunday School Superintendent Christian actually wears many hats as she serves the Lord and the congregation in many different roles. If she's not heading up a group she's helping organize activities for one.


She extends a personal invitation to you saying, "God is surely good and I hope to see you soon at New Beginning Worship Center."

Christian Shedd

Sunday School Superintendent

Jamie is a busy lady both in and out of church. As wife of the pastor she is by default viewed as the "go to gal" for many things. She tends to quietly lead trying to remain in the background. Besides leading the praise team she works in the women's Bible study, food pantry and spuring to organize and/or appoint others to organize the many fellowship functions within the church. She has a powerful testimony of how God has directed her life and brought her to being the strong example of a Christian woman that she is today.

Jamie Severance

Music Director


God blessed our congregation with many talented singers. Several of our folks regularly lead the congregation in singing praise and worship songs. Computer graphics are used to allow everyone to easily join in singing together. We don't attempt to cater to any one particular style of music. You're likely to hear recent releases as well as old favorites. Although we strive for quality the goal is not entertainment but to promote an atmosphere which encourages each to enter into the spirit of praise and worship.


Our congregation seeks to be governed by God. In keeping with the Biblical counsel which tells us there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors we set up the human part of the church government with the checks and balances provided in a board of overseers. The board exists to provide the pastor Godly wisdom and advice when needed and to oversee the maintenance of the physical, financial and administrative side of the church as a body.

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